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2004-04-20 - Slidell

I did some web updates and added four new galleries all with nudity. I have heard recently that I do not show enough. Well, hope this helps. Remember, it is still a free site.

I heard from Nathan from Timo’s video’s. He is SO HOT! I miss him!

I went to get the rental car for my trip to Austin and of course, I had problems with the reservation/ credit card I used. (I only have a prepaid credit card since I deal with cash for most everything.) (Obvious reasons!) The shuttle driver saw me sitting outside the place when I was wondering how I was going to handle this one and then he said, “Come On, I can help you.” He took me to another place that is lesser known and sure enough, within minutes a few more dollars, they had solved my problem. How nice is that? I gave him a big tip for his generosity. So now instead of a Dodge Stratus at $402 for two weeks, I am in Toyota Echo at $468 for two weeks. Same unlimited mileage and stuff, so cool. Dad says it gets better gas mileage as well. So now if you see Brandon in his little gay-car, ave hi! (wink)

I put an ad back up on in Austin. Let’s see how it does.

I went to join my parents at a Leboneese resturaunt they like and we ate dinner. I like the look of Middle Eastern boys. YUM!


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